Get Deals Done Faster With A Commercial Digital Real Estate Library

“I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been”.  

 –  Wayne Gretzky

Which industry leaders stay on top of the competition by refusing to advance with the times? The answer is “none of them”. To keep up with the competition a business must also keep up with technology. This applies to commercial real estate just as it does with any other industry. But don’t worry because it’s actually a good thing.

There are many CRE business owners who look at advancing technologies as an obstacle to overcome. They resist the change up until the “critical moment”. That’s the moment when they must either make the upgrade or simply fall too far behind. But in an ideal situation, the business owner would adapt to the change long before reaching that critical moment. As a matter of fact, the sooner the better because it gives them the advantage over the others.

The Critical Moment For RealDocs

A commercial real estate digital library like RealDocs is a distributor of deal documents, forms, contracts, agreements, language and all paperwork required to successfully buy, sell, and lease commercial real estate laid conveniently in front of you in Microsoft Word. They have been around for some time, but are growing larger, more advanced, and more in-demand. The  commercial real estate titans of the industry are reaching that “critical moment” where they either transition to digital documentation or lag behind with traditional paperwork.

But is that really a tough decision? What real estate agent, broker, or landlord enjoys re-writing and formatting dozens of documents for each lease, deal or prospect? Or what about filing, copying, and searching for specific forms? It can easily eat up hundreds of hours of revenue generating time for their business. The bottom line is that it’s entirely inefficient. Luckily, it’s also entirely unnecessary thanks to RealDocs.

Changing Language Has Become A Constant Task

As the language in the industry changes, the forms need to reflect this change which can become a never-ending, non-revenue generating task. With traditional documents being revised or discarded and language needed to be used for initiating negotiations or countering,  its a continuous battle for the broker.

RealDocs digital language libraries simplify this process by equipping the broker with the ability to  instantly insert approved language in all of the forms, templates, and applicable documents that has been vetted by Agency and Company. By using a simple menu to make a change to the language, it is then distributed instantly to all brokerage teams through their Microsoft Word Plug-In. Updating language through any type of database storage can be just as fast, but it’s the speed of delivery that RealDocs stands as being the standard CRE negotiating tool.

Constantly Updating Database

Using a digital commercial real estate library provides Agencies with multiple options when it comes to updating their existing database of content. There is always the option of manually adding forms, documents, and contracts. However, they may have the option of receiving automatic updates when connected to the internet.

Certain approved forms can instantly be added to the library to make it easier for brokers to instantly access the documents they need. This saves them the time of manually hunting for the forms or creating them from scratch.

Most of the features that these libraries present all boil down to one major benefit: time efficiency. Transactions are completed faster, brokers are negotiating faster, and the entire business is more efficient. Higher efficiency and productivity result in increased profits.

If you are negotiating the deal the same way day in and day out wondering if there may be a faster more efficient way, then now is the time to upgrade to RealDocs. That critical moment is rapidly approaching, and you don’t want to be left wondering why your business is moving so much slower than the competition.