Are you facing challenges as a CRE broker?

How will I increase profits year over year?

What can I do to compete against virtual/non-traditional brokers?

I’m not sure how to adopt emerging technology to remain competitive, where do I start?


With ProNet, we can address these challenges and more. How? Well, the answer lies in the last question, Technology. The CRE marketplace is changing away from the traditional brick and mortar bastions of ordered process. To increase profitability, you’ll need to complete more deals in less time, and with our suite of cloud based tools, we allow you to complete transactions on the move. Imagine closing multiple signings while on a showing, and having the ability to red-line, alter, and execute documents while on tour with your current client simultaneously.

Using ProNet as your CRE tool allows you to compete against any non-traditional brokerage by leveling the paying field. You have the advantage of sourcing multiple listings, sharing them with your client(s), and then providing the face-time necessary to close the deal. The speed in which these tools are deployed gives another clear advantage to you so when it’s time to move to close, your competition is still looking for a space.

All of these tools are at your disposal, free of charge. Get in touch now,