Why use cloud based data storage?


Cloud-based storage and the subsequent ease of access to large amounts of data it provides has led to large scale adoption by many industries. One of the most hesitant groups surprisingly is CRE, which has traditionally been late to adopt new methods. The main benefits that smart, forward-thinking firms realize are threefold.

  1. Scalability. The ability to increase or decrease your usage based on data size, number of users, location, or any one of a number of other factors. This process is very inexpensive and allows the user to maintain access as needed as well.
  2. Independence of location. Imagine data accessibility anywhere in the world, which is vastly important to the CRE Broker who is constantly on the move working on multiple deals simultaneously.
  3. Lower administrative need. Easing the burden on in-house IT teams to manage large data sets allows them to focus on other areas and in turn can lead to faster uptimes for electronic signature and revision of documents, keeping the group agile.

With ProNet, we know that the future of CRE is in the cloud, and we’re ready to show you all the ways that you can save time and money in your CRE processes each day with this powerful tool.