Why use cloud based data storage?

  Cloud-based storage and the subsequent ease of access to large amounts of data it provides has led to large scale adoption by many industries. One of the most hesitant groups surprisingly is CRE, which has traditionally been late to adopt new methods. The main benefits that smart, forward-thinking firms realize are threefold. Scalability. The […]

Are you facing challenges as a CRE broker?

How will I increase profits year over year? What can I do to compete against virtual/non-traditional brokers? I’m not sure how to adopt emerging technology to remain competitive, where do I start?   With ProNet, we can address these challenges and more. How? Well, the answer lies in the last question, Technology. The CRE marketplace […]

How Technology Is Revolutionizing How Deals Get Done

The commercial real estate (CRE) industry appears to take pride in keeping several aspects of its operations secret, such as comparable lease rental rates, property prices, and valuations, to create a possible competitive advantage. However, secrets are hard to keep—and may not even be desired—in today’s hyperconnected and digitized world. In response to greater demand […]

Technology in CRE makes you agile. Here’s why that matters…

Commercial Real Estate usually finds itself on the late adopter list when it comes to implementing new technologies. In the fast paced arena of today’s CRE market, to quote Will Ferrell “If you’re not first, you’re last” . What isn’t funny though is that there can be substantial loss of revenue and deals when the […]

The Electronic Lease Transaction: We are getting close!

We started ProNet with a simple mission – to drastically reduce the time it takes to get lease transactions done from start to finish – faster and more efficient lease transaction benefit everyone involved. Brokers spend less time on “paperwork” and get paid faster, owners collect rent sooner, and tenants are able to move in […]

Understanding the Adoption Curve

Overview What is the technology adoption curve? Essentially, it’s a sociological model describing the adoption or acceptance of a new product, or innovative idea introduced into a market, which usually takes a number of years to penetrate.  The sociological model is described in a bell curve that breaks down behaviors into five segments: innovators, early […]

The #1 Asset Brokers Undervalue Most & What to Do About It

As real estate brokers, most of us really don’t focus on the most critical asset that we have at our disposal. That asset is TIME! One of the greatest challenges in the brokerage business is that we have to split our time between business development and transaction work, yet finding time to do more business […]

Is Technology Making the Tenant Rep Broker Obsolete?

Technology has turned many industries upside down and rendered many brokers (read intermediaries) obsolete. So the question on the minds of many tenant rep brokers today is whether the tenant rep business is “ripe for disintermediation?” Can technology replace the tenant rep broker and make our industry obsolete? Over my 30-year career as a tenant […]

ProNet to Speak at ITRA Global Conference

ProposalNet is excited to announce that we will be presenting at the Spring ITRA Global Corporate Real Estate Conference on Friday, April 8, 2016! ITRA Global is one of the largest global real estate organizations devoted to the representation of corporate tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate worldwide. This event will be attended by […]

Get Ready for the 30-Day (or Less) Lease Transaction Cycle

Yes, believe it, 30 days or less to complete a tenant rep project from start to lease drafting! How many times have you heard from clients, “Why does the leasing process take so long?” The truth is that the commercial real estate leasing process is slow and antiquated. We are one of the last industries […]